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Introducing our Queen of Asgard, aka the Norse goddess Frigg, band ring with a full moon represented by a moonstone and surrounded by both waxing and waning crescent moons. Stars and planets of various sizes are scattered over the rest of the band with weaving clouds in the background. The Queen of Asgard is known as the weaver of the skies and is often represented by the moon and stars.

In this ring the moons and stars will be visible no matter how you wear it as these features appear on both the top and the bottom. The moonstone is set with a low profile bezel setting.

This ring is a small token representing a complex goddess. The Queen of Asgard is wife to Odin, father of Thor and adoptive mother of Loki. In addition to weaving the clouds, she is also known as the goddess of marriage and is a protector and helper in traditional women’s work, such as weaving, sewing and cooking. She has a glorious farmstead called Fensalir.


* - The prices shown are for a single ring.

* - If you would like to see our other items that celebrate the celestial skies or nature please see our "Celestial" and "Seasonal / Nature" collections.

* - If you would like this ring with different options such as different widths or with or without gemstones, please do a search for "Queen of Asgard."


The ring in the photo is set with a natural moonstone. Want a different gemstone? We can work with you to find your preferred gemstone -- or even help you determine what gemstone options would best meet your needs. Please contact us at for additional information and a quote. We can work with a variety of gemstone sizes as well. This ring uses a bezel mounting. The bezel is the most secure style of setting and its low profile is very comfortable to wear.


This design is rich in detail and the deeply carved pattern will last a lifetime. The ring is solidly crafted in 14KT yellow, white or rose gold, continuum silver or .925 sterling silver. If you are interested in 10KT, 18KT or 22KT gold, platinum, palladium, or most other metals, a different gemstone or other customizations, please contact us at for a quote.


Each ring is individually carved and crafted to your size and specifications. Many jewelers duplicate their original models with rubber molds, but you just don't get the same crisp detail in a mass produced copy. All of my rings are created from a first generation wax model. This ring is heavy enough to stand the test of time.


If you would like to add engraving, please search our site for "Engraving" to purchase it separately.


  • Creating your individually handcrafted piece takes time. Our normal lead time is four weeks. If you need your piece sooner, please contact us at to see if we can accommodate your request at no extra charge. Customized pieces may take longer.  If we have a piece in-stock in your size, metal and stone choice (if applicable), we will ship your item 1-3 days from when payment is received.